Well IQ is similar to a health fair. It reveals your health through specialized testing.  WELL IQ testing can identify precursor conditions before they become problematic with test such as..... 

  • Micronutrient Deficiencies

  • Elevated Blood Glucose or Blood Lipids

  • High levels of Homocysteine

  • Cardiometabolic risk markers

  • Internal aging & Telomere genetic strands


At our Well IQ events you will be seen by a provider who is familiar with our specialized testing.  Once specialized testing is complete, the provider will explain your results and guide you through... 

  • Nutritional recommendations

  • Important life style modifications

  • Personalized supplementation

  • A treatment plan that meets your needs


Wellness is a lifetime commitment!  Did you know that 50 % of what you eat isn't absorbed properly by your body?  Your body is always changing that is why it's important that you follow up with testing every 6 months.  To ensure optimal health and wellness is critical plus retesting allows you to see if your making progress on your current treatment plan.


Specialized testing is not traditional physician testing.  Our panels give you an indepth look into how your body is functioning from 3-6 month time frame.  Traditional testing focuses on how your body is function within the last couple of days.  


We spend a lifetime working hard with little regard to how we are taking care of our bodies until a condition or disease is identified. The Well IQ approach is to monitor and reboot rather than to identify and repair failing systems through medicine. 

Our Specialized testing events are:

  • Affordable

  • Comprehensive & Detailed

  • Great health assessment opportunities

  • Discount pricing extended to the consumer 

  • Best in Class

  • Best return on investment = YOU