About Us

Vitalae may seem like a unique name, but how it came into existence is very simple. Vitalae was formed from a simple concept of offering fresh produce to local Corporate Companies in Orange County, so employees could improve their eating habits and promote healthier lifestyle behaviors. 



Vitalae creates a concept of supporting an promoting wellness through education and nutritional offerings to employees. Our Motto: "Wellness within Reach" is launched

Vitalae Wellness Clinic

Vitalae opens its wellness clinic to support employees with wellness through personalized care and alternative medicine such as acupuncture, nutrition, massage, naturopathic medicine and dental services. 


Vitalae Corporate Services

Bridging the Gaps

Our Mission was created: To deliver programs that are engaging, effective and encourage participants to make life changing behaviors that directly impact their wellness. 


Vitalae Ventures LLC

Programming with focus

Our Vision is complete:

To integrate innovative lifestyle practices and programs nationwide. Such as: 

- From the Ground up

- LivingWELL Anywhere


- Strides to Wellness